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April 25, 2022

Sworn in and ready to work...FOR NOW!

On Monday, April 25, I was chosen in a unanimous vote by the Park City School Board to complete Kara Hendrickson's term. 

I am very excited to go to work for the parents, students and teachers of District 4. BUT WAIT - I still need your support and your vote in the Primary and General elections! Please remember to vote for me on June 28! This will be the Primary and will whittle the field down to two candidates. I would like to be one of them. Should I prevail in the Primary, please remember to vote for me in the General Election on November 8! For more information on how and when to vote, please click HERE.


April 19, 2022

KPCW article does not clarify legal process and democratic process:

I am disappointed and dismayed that KPCW did not clarify the school board appointment process as required by law. Nor did it quell our constituency's fears that their voices are not being heard.


The reality is that their voices have been heard - loud and clear. Their voices were heard on this subject when they voted for the four remaining members of the Park City School Board. When they were elected, one of the responsibilities we as voters tasked the Board with is appointing new members in the event any vacate their seat(s). They are required to perform this duty by Utah law.  Candidates Reed and Mann had the opportunity to apply for the vacated seat and chose not to as a political stunt,

or perhaps because they knew they don't have the qualifications to pass muster with the board. Perhaps they feared if they were not successful in attaining the appointment, they would look unqualified and voters would see that as a failure.

I do not fear the process.

Of the three candidates, I know I am the most qualified for the job, the most ready to take office and have real plans for the Park City School District. Seer the KPCW article HERE.

April 19, 2022

My statement regarding the Board appointed process:

I provided this statement to KPCW and the Park Record regarding Meredith Reed's and Josh Mann's assertions that the process by which the Park City School Board is filling the seat vacated by Kara Hendrickson, just days before her death:, "does not support the democratic process:"

As an educator, one of the most important things I have taught my students as well as my own children is how to find the answers. Those answers can be found in their textbooks, or in school and public libraries, even online. A quick search will render explanation as to why appointing a school board member until

an election can be held 100% percent supports the democratic process.


Pursuant to Utah Code 20A-1-511, which addresses “Midterm vacancy on a local school board,” the Park City School Board is required by law to fill the vacancy left by Kara’s sudden and unfortunate passing within 45 days of her death. This is the law in Utah. How can a law NOT support the democratic process?


First, laws are written and passed by elected officials, the individuals that we chose on our ballots to represent us in the state legislature. Second, the process by which laws are passed couldn’t be more democratic! Before it becomes a law, it is presented to the legislature as a bill and is voted on. If it passes muster, it then goes to our governor, who is also an elected official chosen by the populace, for him to sign or veto.


This is the democratic process by which Utah Code 20A-1-511 was passed and made law. As such, I must respectfully disagree with Josh and Meredith and I encourage them to do their homework, or at the very least, a quick internet search.

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