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"I am very excited about the prospect of putting my multifaceted educational and on-the-ground experience as an educator; my willingness and proven record as a valued volunteer within the Park City community; as well as my fundraising, consensus building and community development skills to work for the children and parents in the Park City School District!"
Transparency & Involvement


Parents have expressed to me that they find a lack of transparency between the school board and parents. As a parent of school-aged children in the school district, I want to work with parents to ensure their voices are heard. As a member of the school board, I want to work with fellow board members on making parents feel more involved. We are elected officials. We work for them. Parents should feel that we are working for and with them in the best interests of their children.


A recent survey amongst teachers that came to PTO presidents expressing concern and frustration that they did not see active involvement with the Education Foundation physically in the schools. I've been in the classroom. I've been in communication and in constant communication with teachers. I have a strong grasp of what's happening in the school system.


I am actively involved as much as possible. The teachers are asking for that involvement. They want to see board members, what we are doing and develop open relationships with board members. I have the ability to do that.

Policy & Budgeting


As a member of the Park City School Board, it is my promise to approach district policy free from personal and political agendas. What is best for students and parents will always be my top priority while I occupy the District 4 seat. For budgeting and expenditures, I will put my experience as the Red Apple Gala chair, Park City Education Foundation's largest and most revenue-generating event of the year, to work for the children and parents of Park City! 

Teacher Satisfaction


I was very surprised by recent teacher satisfaction survey results in the Park City School District. As a former teacher myself, I can identify with the struggles of public school teachers. I will work very hard to make sure our teachers have the tools and support they need to succeed in educating our students. 



I want to work directly with educators and administrators to make sure that we are providing the best possible education, educational opportunities and programs to all children in the Park City School District. 

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